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Listen to Amantha being interviewed about The Creativity Formula.

Click on any of the titles below to hear the podcasts.

(1) Have you warmed up your brain? - How brain warm ups lead to better ideas
(2) Don't worry, be happy - Why emotions can increase creativity
(3) Straightjackets can be good - Setting constraints to boost creativity
(4) Warm me up - How the physical environments aids creative thinking
(5) Breaking the rules - How pictures of punks can boost creativity
(6) Up for a challenge - Why feeling challenged is key to creativity
(7) A pat on the back - The importance of recognition in motivating great ideas
(8) When a hot date isn't just a pretty face - The link between romance and creativity
(9) Sleep on it - Letting your unconscious mind do the work
(10) Taking off the blinkers - How a change in facial expression leads to better ideas
(11) Brainstorming is bollocks - The truth about brainstorming
(12) Why left can be right - How squeezing your left hand can increase creativity
(13) An excuse to play more video games - What video games have to do with creativity
(14) If creativity was a brand - Creative brands and how they lead to better ideas
(15) Working up a sweat - Exercise your way to great ideas